De Bakker and coach Troost part ways

Thiemo de Bakker and coach Huib Troost have decided to end their collaboration. According to Thiemo, the good friendship between both had advantages and disadvantages.

“It was a difficult decision, but I think it’s the best for this moment. We know each other for very long, so we are close. That’s why it was sometimes hard to work when I had difficult moments”, told the 22-year old Dutchman. Thiemo knows Troost since his juniors period. He expresses his friendship with Troost won’t change at all.

Former pro player Raemon Sluiter will assist Thiemo during the clay court tournaments. They already had an agreement in February to work with each other for approximately 12 weeks this year. Sluiter and Thiemo also worked together for a short stint in 2008. Sluiter decided to end this collaboration in that period because he was planning a comeback on the ATP Tour.