'My base level was pretty good'

‘Satisfied’ and ‘curious’ were the overall feelings by Thiemo after his first match in more then two months. “I played a pretty good match. I was a bit more nervous than normal, because you want to know where you are with your progression”, acknowledged the Dutchman. “Of course there is enough to improve, but my base level was ok. It was fun to be on court again.”

“Physical, I am feeling good, and that has been different the past months”, showed Thiemo his cynical smile. “The match against Sijsling will be another question mark for him. “He has an advantage on indoor courts, but I can give him a tough match if I serve well. I am looking forward to it.”

Physical condition
Thiemo worked on his physical condition in Las Vegas the past weeks. “I took the opportunity to work with Gil Reyes over there. I have become stronger. You never know, but the chance to pick up some injury has been decreased.”