No predictions by 'discipline man' Ancic

The current trial period between Thiemo and coach Ivica ‘Ivo’ Ancic suits fine. They are on the verge of making their collaboration permanent. Thiemo and Ancic now working in Florida to the next tournaments. The 31-year old Croatian has found a challenge in the Dutchman.

In person
“I already knew him in person. I like to start with someone you already know instead of an unknown person. So we gave it a try and it was positive”, tells Thiemo in an interview with Tennis Magazine. Rohan Goetzke of the Dutch tennis association - and former coach of Ivica’s famous brother Mario - set up the contact between player and coach.

Right coach?
Ancic started his stint with Thiemo without any expectations. “I am the right coach for Thiemo? We will have to see”, according to the coach, who also had a short pro career. “I want to see discipline on and off the court and during the match, that is important to me. Within six months or one year we can say if I am the right man for this job.”

He already had some knowledge about Thiemo before Goetzke approached him. “I have seen him in a couple of matches last year when he was more in top of the rankings. It is a good guy and has a big game. His ground strokes are dangerous on both sides, and he also has a very good service”, describes Ancic his new pupil.

“We are getting to know each other now, but I already saw a lot of positive things before the start of our collaboration. Now it is just a matter of time to look if everything fits together.”