Thiemo draws qualifier at US Open

Thiemo has to wait for the name of his opponent in the first round of the US Open. He will meet a qualifier, according to the draw on Thursday. On this moment, the Dutchman does not really think about meeting Roger Federer or a low-ranked player.

Good feeling
“For me it is more important to regain match rhythm and confidence, just to get that good feeling on court”, according to Thiemo, who arrived in New York on Wednesday and went straight away to the practice courts. “Of course I try to practice as much as I can on hardcourt now. Too bad we could not do as much as I would like today”, referred the 22-year old to the rainy conditions in the Big Apple.

He has fond memories of his previous US Open appearance when he reached the third round in 2010. “It was tough I did not play my best match against (Robin, red.) Söderling”, looked Thiemo back on that match against the Swede, who won in three quick sets. “The conditions were pretty wind that day, that was hard. But I had a great period last year. I was already in the States for more then a month, a good preparation.”

Thiemo hopes to get a lot of practice moments to be ready for next week. Although the weather forecast does not seem to cooperate the coming days, including tornado Irene which looks to passed by New York on Sunday. “I think it is cool to experience this”, tells the Dutchman with a smile. “I even was a little fed up that I missed the earthquake a couple of days ago. These are things you usually do not experience in Holland.”