'Good feeling is coming back'

The return of the ‘good feeling’. This was one of the most important elements Thiemo noticed after his three-sets win over Martin Fischer in Orbetello on Tuesday. Now it is a case of gaining match rhythm, starting Thursday evening in the second round.

“I did not serve well and I lost my own games to easy. But do not underestimate Fischer, he is not a bad player”, reflected Thiemo on his match. “My game has to grow now, but that is quite normal when you are out of action for a period. I have to get used to everything. I also had some muscular pain yesterday (Wednesday, red.), but that is all over.”

Treatment and workout
He is satisfied about his progression. “The feeling is much better than a couple of weeks ago. So I think I made the right choice of working with Fysiomed for a period”, according to Thiemo, who also brought a fitness coach with him to the Italian coast. “I am getting a lot of treatment and doing a lot of workout. It is good I can keep working on myself this way.”

Evening match
Kristijan Mesaros (ATP-211) from Croatia is Thiemo’s next opponent. Their first meeting has been scheduled at 21:15 on Thursday. “I do not know when I played my last outdoor match in the evening, playing under the lights. We will see how Mesaros play, I do not know much about him. I just want to play a good match and feel better and better.”

The match between Thiemo and Mesaros can be followed via this livestream.

Photo: Niels de Water