'Have to do more to reach the top'

South Africa and the Netherlands battle for a promotion/relegation spot this week. Thiemo hopes to be part of new Dutch Davis Cup successes. In Potchefstroom, he will give his best with rebuild strength.

Thiemo has worked hard in collaboration with sports medical centre Fysiomed, which also helps Vera Zvonareva and Ana Ivanovic, to improve his physical and mental condition. “I think I made the right choice with Fysiomed because they are specialized in different disciplines”, according to the current Dutch number three, behind Thomas Schoorel and Robin Haase. “Their experience on physical and mental guidance is very good.”

Rebuilding strength
The 22-year old was part of a daily program, which was fixed on his physical needs. Thiemo worked on his personal program in Amsterdam for four weeks with one goal in the back of his mind: getting prepared for the second half of the season. “Fysiomed has looked at the base of my body. They wanted to make the differences between the left and right side as small as possible. From that point, you can continue on rebuilding strength.”

More aware
There were also sessions where they spoke about the mental conditions to improve his performance. “You have to think about strong and weak points. I have become more aware of the things I can and have to do”, explains Thiemo. “I have to avoid the feeling that I am doing enough for my physical condition, I think that is my biggest lesson of the past weeks. You always have to do more if you want to reach the top.”

Thiemo acknowledges he has to become more dedicated if he want to get the best out of his career. “I have to undertake action when things are getting a bit difficult for me. My period at Fysiomed was very good and I would like to continue with them. I will make a decision after the Davis Cup, how it fits to my own tennis program.”

On Tuesday, Thiemo will share his Davis Cup experiences so far.