About Thiemo


Date of birth 19 September 1988
Birthplace The Hague
Residence Haarlem
Davis Cup ties 8 (5 won, 3 lost)
Davis Cup matches 17 (9-5 singles, 1-2 doubles)
Best result Semi finals at ATP Barcelona (2010)
Semi finals at ATP New Haven (2010)
Three times third round Grand Slam tournament
Plays Right-handed
ATP singles ranking 398 (as of 14-05-2012)
Highest 40 (19-07-2010)
ATP doubles ranking 357 (as of 14-05-2012)
Highest 220 (17-09-2007)

1. How do you prepare for a match?
I have a routine before and after every match. About half an hour before, I go over strategy with my coach Huib Troost and trainer Damian Prasad. Then, I take a quick shower and eat some pasta before I start my warm up. Right before my match I listen to dance music to get pumped up.

2. What do you do after the game? 
I start my cool-down with the trainer and I do lots of stretching with Damian. Then I hit the showers, so I can get treatment and ice.

3. What do you do during a tournament in your spare time?
When I have a free moment I go to my hotel room and relax. When I'm not playing tennis, it is important to rest my body as much as possible. Unfortunately, this means that I can’t always explore as much as I would like when I’m on the road. I end up watching a lot of my favorite tv-shows like Dexter, 24, Entourage, Lost, and my latest discovery: Breaking Bad.

4. What do you do in your spare time in the Netherlands?
If I'm back home and I'm not practicing I like to play pool and drive go-kart. Whatever I do, it usually has a competitive element to it, because I always want to win. I play a lot of FIFA (football) on Xbox. FIFA 11 just came out and I love it.

5. Are you into other sports besides tennis? 
I am a sports fan so I follow almost everything. My favorites are snooker and football. Now and then I play a football during practice.

6. What is your favorite food? 
I really like Japanese food, but I don't like fish. I usually go for Tamago (egg sushi), gyoza or meat dishes. Delicious!

7. What is your favorite music? 
Dance. I'm not a fan of specific bands or DJs, I usually just listen to the radio.

8. What do you find important in life? 
Tennis is obviously a big part of my life. But my base in the Netherlands is probably most important to me: my mother, brothers, and friends. They support me 100%. I am very lucky to be a tennis player, but without my family and friends, it wouldn’t be the same.

9. What's your favorite movie? 
I love to watch movies. “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy is one of my all-time favorites. More recently, I really enjoyed “Inception” with Leonardo DiCaprio. I think he is a cool actor and I like almost all of his movies. Also “The Unthinkable” with Samuel L. Jackson was pretty good.

10. What was your best match? 
My two victories over the two Frenchmen Tsonga and Monfils in Barcelona during the Davis Cup. I will always remember the match against Tsonga because it was my first win over a top 10 player. Against Monfils, no one really thought I could win. I just went out there, played hard, and represented my country….I won’t ever forget that feeling.

11. What do you hate?
I am still getting used to the travel. I am lucky to see the world but jetlag, long flight, and delays are the worst! It took a while to get comfortable. I’ve learned to sleep on the plane, which helps.

12. Which country do you like the most to play tennis?
I love playing in the Netherlands. I travel abroad 30 weeks a year, so sleeping in my own bed and playing in front of my hometown crowd is very special to me.

13. Do you get much more attention these days and how do you know? 
This past year I’ve been getting more autograph and press requests. It is very flattering. I'm also on Twitter which is a great way to communicate and update my fans.